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Hi there, I'm Tom and welcome to my blog. I love Demi Lovato, probably a bit too much. My mum is probably happy that I'm not addicted to sex and drugs by Demi. I also love Janet Devlin, I've been a fan since her first audition and I have loved her ever since. I've liked Harry Potter since I was 4, and I have been obsessed with Bonnie Wright ever since, so don't be surprised if you see any pictures of her on here. I don't think that I could survive without the internet, because I pretty much spend all day sitting here.

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something i wrote ages ago 

We sat there on top of the car just gazing directly into the sky. It was after ten o’clock and the stars were shining down on us. I put my frozen hand onto hers. Our legs dangled off of the car roof and onto the windscreen. It was a nippy December night, but we lay in thick heavy coats, mittens and woolly socks. We lay there for an hour until we fell asleep under the twinkling night sky. I could feel her heart beating, like we were one person.  

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